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 Muscle Activation Techniques

at Body Architecture Fitness

Is pain and tightness holding you back from doing the things you love most?

Do you feel like you aren't as strong or can't move as well as you used to?

What if you could move with complete freedom?

Optimize how your muscles work so your body can perform at higher levels and you can continue doing more of the things you love most in life!

(15 miles from Nashville)


About Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT®)

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Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT®) is a revolutionary tool that improves the integrity of the neuromuscular system. In other words, it helps to ensure that your muscles are working optimally which in turn will help with strength in workouts and in everyday activities. The goal of MAT is to maintain lifelong muscle and joint health. Chemical, physical and emotional stresses all take a toll on the muscular system. Muscles get their signals to contract from the nervous system, and when stress tolerances have been exceeded, it shows up as a muscle weakness.  When this happens, the body will utilize whatever it has available by compensating with surrounding muscles that in turn quickly become overworked and eventually suffer the same fate. You will then have fewer muscles to manage the joints, which will also often result in discomfort and tightness due to the increased stress placed on them. Muscle weakness/inhibition is the result of the inability for muscles to effectively tolerate the forces that have been placed on them. These weaknesses are what make us more prone to injury. MAT® attempts to overcome inhibitions (the communication problem) by identifying and activating the inhibited muscles and improving their ability to contract on demand, and thus making them viable options for your body to utilize. When muscles contract better, the body will have more stability, mobility, and control at the joints. Mobility without stability opens the body up to vulnerabilities.


Inhibitions and compensations are similar to cancer in the body, as they will only spread if not properly addressed. People get weaker as they age. Force tolerance levels continue to decline. You cannot just train the muscles harder in the hopes that it will fix the issue, as you don't want to put stress on a body that is not functioning optimally.  It is like driving a car with a flat tire. Driving the car faster will not fix the tire; it will only cause the car to get out of alignment and eventually break down.












The ability to test and assess our work, and not chase symptoms, is what set MAT® apart from everything else that is being offered out there.  It can be an extremely valuable tool for a wide range of people: regular exercisers, competitive athletes, post-rehab, or someone just wanting to stay active and pain-free throughout life. If you don't know what the current status of your neuromuscular system is, then you don't know what kind of adaptations you are getting from your workouts and training programs.  MAT allows you to increase tolerance levels to stress and increase thresholds of the body to perform at higher levels without breaking it down.  

MAT was developed by Greg Roskopf, who has worked as a consultant for the Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets, and Utah Jazz.  Heather Garrigus, owner of Body Architecture Fitness, trained directly under Greg Roskopf and became at Muscle Activation Specialist in 2002. She is also Mastery MAT Certified for Lower Body and Trunk/Spine, and always seeking to expand her skillset. After relocating to Tennessee, she opened a studio in Downtown Franklin that offers Muscle Activation Techniques, Personal Training, Pilates, and Isophit. You can find the website for Body Architecture Fitness studio at: 



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MAT gives you optimal function through a neuromuscular overhaul

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Who is MAT for?

MAT® is really for everyone! It has been used successfully by many professional athletes, rehabilitation patients, and equally so for those passionate about what they enjoy doing in life and want to remain active and competitive at high levels late in their life.  

Most people just want to continue doing the things they love without being in pain all the time.  Tap into your true potential!

What can MAT do for you?

  • Increase the tolerance levels of the muscles so they can more effectively tolerate forces. 

  • Improve the body's ability generate specific forces and increase strength capabilities

  • Help athletes of any level prevent injuries

  • Stop, reverse, or slow down degenerative orthopedic/musculoskeletal processes

  • Improve motion at your joints

  • Bring internal stability to  the body

  • Patrol for potential issues before they become problems

  • Put your body in a better environment to heal

  • increase communication between the central nervous system and the muscular system.

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Signs You Might Need MAT:

  • Pain

  • Unexplained or irregular tightness

  • Decreased sports performance

  • Feeling weak or imbalanced

  • Irritating or injuring the tissue easily

  • One side of your body moves differently from the other

  • Loss of mobility and decreased quality of motion

  • Not quite "feeling" the intended muscles in an exercise

How long will this take?

Exercise is not a one time thing, and neither is MAT®.  It is a process, and you must realize that you cannot take away years of continued abuse and repetitive stress in a couple of sessions.   How long this will take will depend on: your age, how much stress, trauma and overuse your body has accumulated over the years, and  how well you take care of your body going forward. Your "road-map" will be determined by your body's current state and the limitations that are found.

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What makes MAT® unique?

Most therapies focus on treating muscles that are tight, tense or in pain.  MAT recognizes that tension is the body's form of protection and serves as a symptom.  When there is an instability in the body or muscles not functioning optimally, the body will tighten up temporarily to stabilize the joint (nature's splint). MAT will then look to address the root cause behind the tension by finding and correcting the muscles that are not contracting optimally.    If muscles are stretched, massaged or "released" without addressing the root cause, then the joint will be more prone to injury as you now how a mobile, but unstable joint.  

“I sought to improve my sports performance through both MAT and training.  I have worked with Heather for over a decade and a half.  Her work, especially MAT, improved my performance on the polo field and allowed me to continue playing at a higher and higher level.”

- F. Benton

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