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What is MAT?

The Process:

The goal of MAT is to improve the ability of the body to tolerate stress and stop the downward spiral we typically relate with aging (Failure of the muscle system is more of the real problem). In life, we continually place forces on our bodies that can potentially exceed tolerance levels, which can in-turn alter neuromuscular function.

Muscles move bones and muscles hold joints in alignment. The main function of muscles is to contract; and when they contract better the joints will move better and be better protected. If muscles are not contracting well, the following will happen: the passive tissues will get irritated, muscle tightness, inefficiency in strength and decreased stability.  MAT gives us the ability to test the contractile abilities of almost every muscle in the body, and you are only as good as the motion you can control.  If you continue to use the body and beat yourself up without putting the body back together, negative things will happen: tightness and pain


Initial Assessment


Assessment is key! It provides us with a lot of information. What can you NOT do?  How many issues do you have going on? You may not even be aware of them if you haven't checked the current status of your neuromuscular system. The assessment takes a look at your body's limitations that might be holding you back and/or causing you tightness/pain. This is done by checking each joint's quality of motion and the total amount of motion in the body to determine your neuromuscular system's efficiency at generating force and controlling your joints.  This assessment will give us a better understanding of what is not working the way it should, then address these issues so that we can progress and transition to exercise safely. Your exercise road map will be determined by your body's current state and any limitations found. 


Restore & Rebuild


The focus is on restoring muscle function. We have to first focus on rebuilding and restore your body's muscular system by bringing back the balance and communication that was lost. Most muscles don't lose complete communication, but simply lose "optimal" amount of communication because of things like:

  • accumulated repetitive physical stress

  • chemical and emotional stresses

  • injuries

  • surgeries

  • dehydration

  • vitamin and mineral deficiencies

  • lack of sleep

  • or a combo of these factors

It is like getting poor cell phone reception ("one bar" vs. getting "four bars").  "One bar" signal may cause weakness or restriction when trying to move a certain way or do a certain task.  A perfect signal allows you to do virtually anything at anytime with no limitations or problems.  Muscles also have to act as "brakes" in the body and need to generate enough forces to stop in time.  If your muscles are not "braking" properly, then all that movement is going to be absorbed by other body tissues besides the muscles needing to do their jobs.  This is why things in people's bodies, particularly the joints, begin to break down over time.  

What absorbs forces if muscles don't?

  • joints

  • ligaments

  • fascia

  • tendons

  • cartilage

  • other  passive tissues you want to protect from those forces

Muscles not doing their job will also cause malalignments in the body, which will need to be addressed before they create big blowouts in the body.  To correct alignment, we need to correct muscle imbalances to avoid further damage and take stress off of injured tissues. This will help you heal and recover faster.  Improving the contractile capabilities of the muscles is not magic, and it takes time.  This will help restore internal stability to the body and improve your ability to tolerate stresses.


 Strengthen & Maintain:


Once muscle contractile capabilities have been restored, we need to focus on building strength in those tissues. Strengthening the output of the individual pieces first is necessary before moving to integrated full body exercises.  A custom exercise program that is created for YOU will allow you the greatest opportunity for change.  

Maintenance is key going forward. If you beat your body up with exercise, you need to maintain and address the inhibitions created from overstress.  Exercise is not a one time thing, and neither is MAT.  Two of the major factors related to increasing health and weight loss are controlling pain and reducing inflammation.  If exercise is too stressful, it will compound the inflammatory response. Get the muscles tolerating stresses in life without your body breaking down.  Exercise can make you feel good if done appropriately. 

Client specific workouts focus on strengthening muscular imbalances to ensure the results of your exercise is beneficial for you.  Traditionally, most people doing generalized programs will overwork the body causing inflammatory responses that put your body at risk.  To get the most from your workouts, we offer personal training that is truly customized to maximize benefits and minimize risks to YOUR body.  Visit for more info on training.

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